Who is Hamisi Babusa?

Dr. Hamisi Babusa is Lecturer Of Kiswahili, Language Education, Educational Technology And Kiswahili Media Studies,  A Creative Writer and Academic Writer.

He was born and raised in Tana River County once called Tana River District, at The Lower Coastal region of Kenya.

He Schooled at Garsen Primary School, then went to Voi Secondary School

After Passing KCSE, he was admitted at Kenyatta University, Nairobi for Bachelor Of Education (Arts) Degree, Majoring in Kiswahili.

When he was a KU, Student he developed his inborn Talents of Writing, acting, dancing and  Singing.

He performed  in Several KU Culture Week Gallas in Various performances including Karate.

He published his first book Mazingira (A Kiswahili Epic) in 1995 when He was still an Undergraduate Student at Kenyatta University. (see Publications Section for more details)

He later enrolled For Master of Arts (Kiswahili) Degree at Kenyatta University and graduated after Two years.

After Completing of His Masters Degree, he was employed as a Tutorial Fellow

He then Commenced on his PhD Degree in language Education at Kenyatta university.

He competitively won a Kiswahili fellowship to teach and Write His Thesis at St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY, USA.

In St. Lawrence University, he taught Kiswahili (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced), Literature and East African Dances and Cultures.

Later he came back to Kenya and Graduated with his PhD in 2010 and was employed as a Lecturer, a job he holds till now.

He is also a prolific Writer Both in Creative and Academic Fields.

In The Creative Field he has Written Novels/Novellas, Short Stories, Poems and Plays Among Others.

In the Academic Field he has Authored Dictionaries, Linguistic Books and Literature Guide Books Among Others.

He has Participated in the Organization of many Language conferences and Workshops.

He has Presented Papers in Numerous Language Conferences and Workshops In the USA, Canada, Tanzania and Kenya.

In Acting, he has acted in a movie called wrong number and also in Pendo a NTV series program as a lecturer.

Hamisi Babusa is also a producer of various TV programs.

He has participated in various Kiswahili Radio and TV programs like Bahari ya Lugha (Citizen Radio), Nuru ya Lugha (Radio Maisha), Mandhari ya Wiki and mwamba wa Lugha (KTN News)

He hosted Mawimbi ya Lugha, Talkshow on Kiswahili language and Literature on KUTV.

He has Translated several works from English into Kiswahili and vice versa.

He has Supervised several Postgraduate Students to Completion and Graduation and Currently he still supervising others who are progressing well.

He has Facilitated In-House Courses For Kiswahili news Anchors, Reporters and Editors of Various media Houses like KTN and Nation Media Group.

Has Taught and Supervised Foreign Students Who Were referred to him from abroad.

Has Trained Lecturers on teaching Methodology and Pedagogy.

Apart from Teaching and Writing, Hamisi Babusa is also  the Head Teaching Programmes and Publications Section Section at Kenyatta University Academic Division.