Academic Publications

Academic Publications by by Dr. Babusa

Kamusi Teule ya Kiswahili-Kilele cha Lugha

Hamisi Babusa Co-authored This Kiswahili dictionary with Ahmed Ndalu and Suleiman Mirikau. This dictionary in Kiswahili is a product of comprehensive research carried out by scholars and highly experienced lexicographers. It is targeted at the level of secondary... read more

Mwongozo wa Utengano

Hamisi Babusa and Hassan mwana wa Ali wrote this study Guide for the Kiswahili Novel Utengano which was written by Said A. Mohamed. The Study Guide covered the main parts of study Like Title, Summary of Chapters, Themes, Characters, Stylistics and Study Questions. It... read more

Mwongozo wa Mstahiki Meya

Hamisi Babusa Collaborated With other Authors and co-authored This Study Guide for the Swahili Play entitled Mstahiki Meya which was Written By Timothy Arege. The Guide covered areas like Summary of Episodes, Themes, Stylistics, Characters and Study Questions. The... read more

English-Swahili Dictionary of Meteorological Terms

Available for Free Download! This is the first dictionary of its Kind. It was a result of a research which was funded by the UK. It was published by Gallababu Media and owned by the National Drought Management Authority, Kenya. Hamisi Babusa was the lead Author of the... read more

Dictionary of Kiswahili Homonyms and Pronunciation

This is a Kiswahili Dictionary of homonyms and Kiswahili pronunciation. The Author Hamisi Babusa Authored this Dictionary of Homonyms with Various Examples of Sentencs to Assist Students and people who are learning Kiswahili to Polish Their pronunciation and Avoid... read more

Mwongozo wa Damu Nyeusi na Hadithi Nyingine

Hamisi Babusa also collaborated with other writers and wrote a study guide for the Kiswahili Short Stories Anthology entitled Damu Nyeusi na Hadithi Nyingine Edited By Ken Walibora and Said A. Mohamed. The Study guide included Themes, Stylistics, Characters and Study... read more

A Dictionary of English and Swahili Equivalent Proverbs

English and Swahili have become international languages which are spoken and taught all over the world. Learning a language without its culture can make one have some problems communicating to native speakers of that language. This book synthesizes English and Swahili... read more

Dictionary of African Biography

This Dictionary Which was Edited by Emmanuel K. Akyeampong and Henry Louis Gates, is about the biographies and lives of africans who shaped African history. It covered the whole continent on philosophers, politicians, entertainers, scholars, poets, scientists,... read more

Kamusi Angaza kwa Shule za Msingi by Ahmed Ndalu

This is a dictionary in Kiswahili targeted towards elementary learners of the language. It is a product of comprehensive research that was carried out by the author and subjected to serious scrutiny by experienced lexicographers from East Africa like Hamisi Babusa.... read more

A Unified Orthography for Bantu Languages in Kenya

In This Field, Hamisi Babusa has One Publication: A Unified Orthography For Bantu Languages of Kenya (Kipokomo, Mijikenda, Kikuria, Gikuyu, Luhya, Dawida, Ekegusii, Kiikamba, Kiembu, Kimeru, Kiswahili) Hamisi Babusa Co-authored This Book With other Linguists. They... read more