Creative Publications

Creative Publications by Dr. Babusa

Kijiji cha Ukame

Kijiji cha Ukame is a swahili novella for class six pupils. It has been published by Stroymoja in 2017. its the first one of the BINTI KITABU series. Binti Kitabu is a girl who uses supernatural powers from books to solve siciatel problems. In Kijiji cha Ukame, she... read more

Vazi la Mhudumu

Vazi la Mhudumu na Hadithi Nyingine kutoka Afrika Mashariki  is a Kiswahili Anthology of short stories edited by P.I. Iribemwangi and Hamisi Babusa.  This anthology has included experienced and budding writers from Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Uganda. Its... read more

Nuru ya Kiza

NURU YA KIZA is a Kiswahili Play. It was published in 2016 by EAEP. Its the story of Kabaila Kabwela. Kabaila Kabwela is the leader of an African country called Matopeni. One day, he decided to evaluate the performance of his ministers. The evaluation method that he... read more

Waja Leo: Diwani ya Maisha Edited By Ken Walibora

This is a Kiswahili Anthology of Poems published by Oxford University Press in 2012. Hamisi Babusa contributed four (4) in this anthology. His Poems are Hapo Hapo Pa Mawimbi, Ninalipa Uzeeni, Mngojee Chini, Mla kwa Miwili and Afadhali Dooteni. All are Kiswahili poems... read more

Gitaa na Hadithi Nyingine Edited By Timothy Arege

Gitaa na Hadithi Nyingine is a Kiswahili Anthology of Short Stories Published by Longhorn Publishers in 2011. InĀ  this anthology, Hamisi Babusa contributed two (2) interesting short Stories namely Jana si Leo and Maendeleo. Jana si Leo is a story about a disabled boy... read more

Sina Zaidi na Hadithi nyingine

Sina Zaidi Na Hadithi Nyingine Edited By Ken Walibora and P.I. Iribe Mwangi This is also a Kiswahili Anthology of Short stories published by Target Publishers in 2011. Hamisi Babusa contributed one short story (Shajara ya Mheshimiwa) in this anthology. Shajara ya... read more

Miali ya Ushairi

This is another Kiswahili anthology of poems. It was published in 2015 by EAEP. Hamisi Babusa contributed six (6) poems in this Anthology. The Poems are Ukijigeuza Chano, Watu Watakufulia, Soma Somato Msoma, Mvumilivu, Kaida Fundi Mbaya, Jogoo la Shamba Haliwiki... read more

Sauti ya Shangwe

This a Kiswahili anthology of Poems that was Edited by Hamisi Babusa. The Poets who composed poems in the anthology are Alamin Somo, Ahmed Hussein and Sheikh Nabhany. The Anthology was Published in 2011. Sauti ya Shangwe Edited By Hamisi... read more


Hamisi Babusa Composed a Kiswahili Epic About The Effects of Environmental Pollution and How To Conserve It. He composed this book When he was a first year student T Kenyatta University. This Epic Written in a Simple Kiswahili language was Published in 1995 by Phoenix... read more

Cheupe na Cheusi

In This Field, Hamisi Babusa has so far released One Novella Cheusi na Cheupe. But he is working on various Interesting Novellas in Kiswahili That will be Realeased Soon! Watch This Space. Cheusi na Cheupe This is a Kiswahili Novella for Class 4 Students. it’s... read more

Wakala na Waberu

This Novela is still in the press and will be released soon. It targets Primary School Students. It is a folklore about the Love-Hate relationships between Mkala and his twin brother Mberu. Watch This... read more