Novellas/ Novels

Kijiji cha Ukame

Kijiji cha Ukame is a swahili novella for class six pupils. It has been published by Stroymoja in 2017. its the first one of the BINTI KITABU series. Binti Kitabu is a girl who uses supernatural powers from books to solve siciatel problems. In Kijiji cha Ukame, she... read more

Cheupe na Cheusi

In This Field, Hamisi Babusa has so far released One Novella Cheusi na Cheupe. But he is working on various Interesting Novellas in Kiswahili That will be Realeased Soon! Watch This Space. Cheusi na Cheupe This is a Kiswahili Novella for Class 4 Students. it’s... read more

Wakala na Waberu

This Novela is still in the press and will be released soon. It targets Primary School Students. It is a folklore about the Love-Hate relationships between Mkala and his twin brother Mberu. Watch This... read more