Hamisi Babusa Co-authored This Kiswahili dictionary with Ahmed Ndalu and Suleiman Mirikau. This dictionary in Kiswahili is a product of comprehensive research carried out by scholars and highly experienced lexicographers. It is targeted at the level of secondary school students, and for scholars of the language, and the general readership.

Some of the key features that make this dictionary outstanding include:
•    Headwords – over 35,000
•    Number of words – over 320,000
•    Etymology – the development of words from the headword
•    Noun classes
•    Plurals
•    Relevant examples that are used in context

42 pages of extra information include:
➢    Semantic, sintaxical and mophological analysis of the noun classes
➢    Categorisation of words e.g. nouns, adverbs etc
➢    Swahili grammar terminologies

➢    Parts of Speech
➢    Types of Kiswahili compositions taught in schools
➢    Terminologies used in Swahili Literature – written and oral
➢    Terminologies used in Kiswahili social linguistics
➢    Terminologies used in Swahili poetry


ISBN 9789966259363
Pages 804
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2013
Publisher East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
Language Kiswahili