Special Offer For Makumba Series Novellas

Do you love reading interesting Swahili science fiction Novellas? Do you want to learn science through Swahili fivtion?

Then start smiling. You will now get all that in the captivating Swahili science fiction novellas which explore the different parts of the human body, the universe, plants and other scientific experiences.

Makumba Series novellas will be released by Queenex Publishers in the first week of June 2018. They are five novellas. The author is giving a special offer to any person who will pre-order before the release date.

The price for each novella is Kshs. 295. The author is giving  a 10% discount for each pre-ordered novella which will now cost Ksh. 265.

 To pre-order please call / SMS/whatsapp the author on 0700754080 or email hobabusa@gmail.com. When pre-ordering, please provide your mobile number, location and the number of books. The novellas will be delivered to you after the release date if you live in Nairobi or you can pick them at any agreed destination. See below for the full synopsis of each novella.

  Offer valid up to end of June 2018