Study Guides

Mwongozo wa Utengano

Hamisi Babusa and Hassan mwana wa Ali wrote this study Guide for the Kiswahili Novel Utengano which was written by Said A. Mohamed. The Study Guide covered the main parts of study Like Title, Summary of Chapters, Themes, Characters, Stylistics and Study Questions. It...

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Mwongozo wa Mstahiki Meya

Hamisi Babusa Collaborated With other Authors and co-authored This Study Guide for the Swahili Play entitled Mstahiki Meya which was Written By Timothy Arege. The Guide covered areas like Summary of Episodes, Themes, Stylistics, Characters and Study Questions. The...

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Mwongozo wa Damu Nyeusi na Hadithi Nyingine

Hamisi Babusa also collaborated with other writers and wrote a study guide for the Kiswahili Short Stories Anthology entitled Damu Nyeusi na Hadithi Nyingine Edited By Ken Walibora and Said A. Mohamed. The Study guide included Themes, Stylistics, Characters and Study...

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